Welcome to Richard Graham -Professional Close-up and Cabaret Magician

Welcome to Richard Graham -Professional Close-up and Cabaret Magician

Welcome to Richard Graham -Professional Close-up and Cabaret MagicianWelcome to Richard Graham -Professional Close-up and Cabaret Magician

About Me

Professional entertainment for all occasions!

Richard Graham - magician


Richard is a talented and experienced professional entertainer, performing close up, cabaret and stage magic to a wide variety of audiences. 

Whether it's weddings, restaurants, corporate functions or any special event such as birthdays and anniversaries, Richard will provide entertainment that will delight your guests, customers and audiences. 

Whether it be the intimacy of close-up or table magic, where the magic takes place right before the spectators eyes, or the larger setting of entertaining 100-1000 people in cabaret or a theatre, Richard will make your event special and memorable. 

Close up magic


Winner of Mid Essex Close-up competition 3 years running!  

Winner of Southend Sorcerers Stage Competition 5 years running!

Close-up, or table magic is an all-involving, intimate piece of theatre, designed to be fun, mystifying and memorable but above all, entertaining. Close Up Magic is magic performed to small groups of people by a magician who carries all he requires on his person and who can move smoothly from one area to another providing an unusual entertainment service.  

 Close-up magic is exciting and different - and Richard Graham is one of the best!  

Available for:

Dixon studios

Close up magic

(mix 'n' mingle and table magic)

Private parties



Cabaret and Stage magic


Corporate functions

Member of Equity - as RGent